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We are a professional Solar Panel Installer, working with companies in your area.

Federal Tax Credits

Federal tax credit for residential customers is 30% of total system cost gets subtracted from federal tax due. Any unused amount from the first year carries to future years until used up, no sunset. The federal tax credit for business is 30% comes off your federal tax due and depreciation is: 1st year 50% (this reduces your taxable income), second year is 25%, 3rd year is 12.5%, and so on until fully depreciated (5 years)

Renewable Energy

Solar Panel Grid

Some experts predict that our natural reserves of oil will be almost exhausted by 2040. It’s true that there’s lots of new oil coming from Africa and Russia but as soon as these new reserves come on-line they flow, with ever increasing demand to countries like China and India. No one really knows for sure how much we’ve got left and there’s definitely no need to panic. Besides which running out of the stuff won’t be the problem because long before it’s all gone it will be too expensive! In any case, it’s probably fair to say that our “tank” is less than half full and we do know, beyond doubt that we need to consume less energy and produce less carbon.

We all have free access to a huge environmentally friendly solar power station that beams down energy on our roofs and gardens that’s just got to be used for something more than just a sun tan! Renewable energy is the only inexhaustible source of power for the future.

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We have all felt the temperature of water from a garden hose left in the sun, enjoyed the gentle heat radiating from a sunbathed evening wall, or moved a pocket calculator into the light to help the tiny solar panel power bring it back to life.

Storing the solar electricity means connecting the solar panels, via a charger to batteries. The stored electricity can then be used to power domestic appliances and lights after converting it to mains voltage using an Inverter.

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