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Holiday Lighting

Year Around Holiday Lighting


Tired of putting up and taking down Christmas lights? See C&M Electrical about permanent holiday lights that are installed inside your soffits behind gutters. These lights have the following options

  • Smart phone controlled lights and color.
  • Light patterns and colors can be changed remotely with your smart phone.
  • LED RGB in a weather proof strip.
  • Warm white or bright white for non holiday seasons.
  • Colorful Holiday colors for the seasons.
  • Can be connected with your holiday music for a holiday light show.
  • Comes with a multi year warranty.
  • Uses 70 percent less energy than standard holiday lighting.
  • Free Estimates Call Us Today. – 817.927.0432
  • Never have pull out the ladder in the cold weather to install your lights again or take them down.
  • Installed by a master electrician, from C&M Electrical Contractors

softwhiteView of the off season look of your new lighting.