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Common Request Price Sheet

Common Request Price Sheet


  • Ceiling fan installation $85.00 ea
    We offer full service ceiling fan installation perfomed by a certified electrician. From inspecting an area, to removing the old fan or light fixture – we do it all!

  • 110 volt common electrical outlet $100.00
    Our Electrician can install a new outlet of any kind anywhere in your home. Often your new flat screen TV’s to full movie screens require new outlets to be installed.

  • Switch $100.00
    A light switch which can adjust the brightness of the switched lamp from dim to bright, as well as turnng it on and off. This can have a terrific affect on the ambience of a home transitioning from play area in the day to softer lighting in the evening hours.

  • Ceiling fan were no existing wiring is present $200.00
    We offer full service ceiling fan installation including brand new wiring into an area where no existing wiring is present performed by a certified electrician. From inspecting an area, to removing the old fan or light fixture – we do it all!

  • Recessed incandescent can light $150.00
    Incandescent recessed can lighting fixtures, you save valuable floor and wall space. They are perfect for residential or commercial settings. Recessed can lights are installed directly into the ceiling. When selecting a recessed can light, choose the right style that matches your home. There are low profile recessed can lights, new construction recessed can lights, remodel recessed can lights. If you’re looking for energy efficiency, there are energy star recessed can lights. Recessed can lights are a great way to illuminate an area when space is tight and due to myriad accessories they are highly customizable.

  • Hang flat screen tv 42 inch $100.00 larger $200.00
    Take the hassle out of mounting your TV to the wall. Let C&M Electric professionals do it!

  • Outdoor motion sensor light with new wiring $150.00
    Motion-sensor lights are triggered by motion, not how light or dark it outside. They are triggered by a sensing device that detects motion and that activates the lights to turn on. These are great theft detours since thieves don’t like to be in the spotlight, rather they tend to want to sneak in inconspicuously. As someone approaches the home, the sensor picks up their movement and on goes the light, startling any intruder, which should cause them to think someone is home and rethink breaking in.

  • Range Receptacle /New Circuit $750.00 Labor/Materials
  • New Breaker Box 200 Amp $995.00 Labor/Materials
  • New Breaker Box 100 Amp $750.00 Labor/Materials
  • Attic fans 120 volt $565.00 Labor/Materials

    Outdoor receptacle ,convert flood light to receptacle /light combo $150.00 first one ,multiple items discounted

Additional Services On Request

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    • Table Lamp Repair
    • Fixture Repair
    • Chandelier Repair
    • Light Fixture Repair
    • Floor Lamp Repair
    • Table Lamp Repair
    • Data Lines Installed
    • Phone Lines Installation
    • Doorbell Installation